Email Campaigns for a Digital World

Emails are back from the dead, which is really ironic. There was a time, a few years ago, when people truly believed that email messaging was dead and never coming back. And yes, with the ease of text messaging and even snap chat, it is not used for quick one item messages, it is still very useful since the smartphone has come along. . Now everyone checks email on their smartphone, which has led to email becoming 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. So putting together relevant and more attractive emails has never been more important. So in order to get the best ROI on email marketing, you need to stand out in the ever so valuable “Inbox”.

Video Enhanced

Your email campaigns should include videos whenever it is possible. We are now living in a Digital World.


Your email campaigns should include
specials and offers. Give customers
something to look forward to receiving.

Get to the Point

Your email campaigns should get your message across quickly. People are too busy to read a drawn out email.

Essential Practices Email Campaigns

1. Come up with an attention grabbing strategy. Don’t just send emails that are a waste of time. If you do, your customer list will disolve as they start to unsubscribe. Make a good first impression. The subject line is your chance to grab the readers. Keep it short and interesting. 50 characters is a good number to shoot for and special offers are attractive. Using video is the most powerful tool as people prefer to watch and not read.

2. Keep it neat and clean. Keep copy short with a clear call to action. You only have a reader’s attention for a few seconds, so get right to the point. Don’t drag it out or they will delete it and move on with their day.

3. Build emails that attract the eyes and work with fingers. Keep in mind that about 91% of consumers open email on their phones at least once per day. Increase font size for easy reading on mobile and allow plenty of space around call to action buttons for easy clicking. Videos must be responsive to be viewed on a phone.

4. Work smarter, not harder. Most businesses are busy with everyday operations. Strategizing email campaigns and executing them takes time and effort. SEO Marketing Wiz can take the load off of you by doing the work for you. We are very affordable and our content is engaging and effective.  Take advantage of our services and enjoy the success. This frees up time to focus on what’s important, which is your business and your customers.

Following these simple steps will bring you more responses and ultimately more business. As the business world continues to evolve with the huge movement of digital marketing, it is essential that you stay up with it. And if you ever should need help with email campaigns, give us a call. We would love to advise you.

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