Heat Maps for Websites

Here at HB SEO Marketing, we make it a priority to not only manage your website, but to also use tools that can track and report on all customer activity at the most detailed level. What we’ve done to correct the Blind Spot issue is to utilize heat maps on our customer websites, which tells us a detailed story. Heat mapping allows us to track where our customers are coming from, the time of day they are on our website, the pages that they are engaging with, and the pages that they are not. Knowing this information allows our staff to make the appropriate adjustments on your website to bring in higher ROI. And at the end of the day, that’s what we all want.


Why trust only analytics? With heat maps, the visibility is clear. Your website can tell us exactly what is happening with every single visitor on every single page.


Heat maps allow us to see exactly what is happening on your website. From clicks to scrolls and even where the traffic is coming from, we see it all and share it with you.


Our team is big on data and analytics. We not only track the growth of your custom website, we also analyze to understand what is working and what is not.

Heat Mapping Your Website

Digital marketing has many quite a few benefits over traditional marketing. It’s more targeted, more engaging, and more effective. If done correctly, it is also very measurable and we are able to track customer movement. We use visual reports and session recordings to get to know your website visitors – where they’re coming from, where they’re navigating to, and where they’re getting stuck – so you can make design changes with confidence.

Alongside all of other benefits that digital marketers have been boasting about, is the fact that digital advertising is also the most trackable form of marketing; allowing a business to truly generate an accurate Return on Investment (ROI) on their ad budget. However, for a long time, that message has come with a few hiccups. Although it seems like a process that is somewhat limited, to be able to track if a customer comes from a Google AdWords campaign and fills out a contact form on your website, the way that most businesses set up the process, makes it very difficult to truly and accurately measure the ROI from their digital marketing spend.

The issue we see across the board is that website providers and producers of other online tools are not on the same page when it comes to understanding what customers do when they get to a business’s website; or even where those customers came from. There is a severe disconnect between the tools being offered for a website and how everything is being measured. Blind Spots occur because most websites use Google Analytics to track website traffic, but do not know what to do with all that information.

Heat maps help you develop a better understanding of your website users’ behavior through tools and session recordings. We give you the full picture of user behavior with tools that help you not only reconstruct the actions that people take on your website. Our analytics tools are:
√ Powerful but simple to understand
√ Industry-leading for many years
√ Helpful and easy to understand your visitors
√ Able to collect feedback and get real user insight

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